This Digital Archive Website collates works by Israeli Artist and Costume Designer Rakefet Levy. 

The visual material in this site is primarily based on Levy’s personal archives, but this collection would not have been complete without the help of photographers, artists, press-officers, archivists and other members of theatre and dance companies’ personnel who assisted in the search for documents and media.


Special thanks to Photographer Gadi Dagon, whose wonderful works are the backbone of this archive, and thank you Choreographer Orly Portal for the kind words and beautiful photos.

Many thanks to Photographers Silvia Machado (Brazil), Dominik Mentzos (Germany), Sakari Viika (Finland), and Julieta Cervantes (USA) for the enthusiasm, patience and support, and to the wonderful people at the Cullberg Ballet, Finish National Ballet, Gothenburg Opera, Grands Ballets Canadiens, NDCWalesStaatballett Berlin, Cedar Lake Events (for Cedar Lake Ballet), BAM Hamm Archives (Brooklyn Academy of Music) and the Beit Ariela Israeli Dance Archive.


Every effort has been made to contact photographers or rights owners and properly credit all visual material. If you are aware of any error or potential rights violation – please contact us and we will promptly correct or remove the relevant material.


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